Health Click produces resources for young people and those with disabilities, and for their parents, educators, therapists and care givers.

Annette Milligan

Annette Milligan is a Registered
Nurse with a teaching background
who has combined the worlds of
education and health for the last
25 years. In 1989 she founded the
award-winning INP Medical Clinic
which is a women’s health and family
planning clinic, in which she was a sexual health nurse and has delivered hundreds of sexuality education programmes in high schools since 1990. In 1995, Annette co-founded Ramazzini, an occupational health company, and in 2000 co-founded Health Click which produces resources to teach about health and sexuality, including those with learning disabilities.
Annette travels extensively to deliver programmes on how to teach sexuality education to someone with a learning disability.
Annette is the Clinical Director for Women, Child, Youth for the Nelson-Marlborough District Health Board. Her business experience extends to professional directorships and at this time is a director of Network Tasman Ltd, an electricity lines company.

I have lived and breathed health and health education for 25 years. Everyone has the right to information so they can make choices about their lives and their relationships. We owe it to children and young people to provide that information in ways they can understand, and to support parents and teachers as they guide those in their care to reach their potential.

Annette Milligan
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