Health Click produces resources for young people and those with disabilities, and for their parents, educators, therapists and care givers.

George Mackenzie

George Mackenzie is an educator
specializing in classroom teaching
and programme development.
He has taught at primary,
secondary, and university level.
His wide experience includes
teaching in China, the United States
and New Zealand across a number of curriculum areas including English, Health, and Business Studies.

Electronic resources are a key to the future in education. It allows for a multimedia
approach where everything is at a teacher’s fingertips and it can be more successfully
targeted to meet an individual student’s needs. The Me resource, for example, addresses
specific learning areas which allows the teacher to plan appropriate thematic learning
such as personal safety, hygiene, or friendship. This can be achieved with the one
resource rather than a multitude of texts or video material.
Health education is intrinsically important to the welfare of every student, family and
the surrounding community. For good teaching to occur quality resources have to be
available. I believe, from my experience of education worldwide, that we are making
significant advances in the quality of the resources we are offering to teachers, parents
and health providers.


George Mackenzie
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