Health Click produces resources for young people and those with disabilities, and for their parents, educators, therapists and care givers.

How Me Can Help You

This comprehensive range of resources will help you to better teach about social skills
and relationships and hygiene that will help the young person in your care to develop as
a more independent adult.


The resources help those with autism to learn, by providing images which are clear and
precise. The lack of ambiguity makes it much easier for someone with autism to
understand and learn. Extensive testing with professionals in the sector has ensured that
these resources have the graphics and the language which are effective for the learning
of those with autism


Down Syndrome
The resources help those with Downs to learn by providing accurate words to teach the
skills. Learning is enhanced if the Me resources are used consistently at home, at school
and at the recreation or care facility.


Brain Injury
The resources help those have cognitive difficulty due to brain injury by providing clear
information, in short chapters. For those with loss of short-term memory, it is easy to
repeat the information consistently with the full set of Me resources.


Social skills
These resources are designed to help you teach social skills. They cover such things as
when to hug, what dating is all about, kissing, breaking up, what to do if people are doing
things they don’t like.


The basics of hygiene at the toilet and in the shower are covered. They also teach
intimate self-care such as care of the penis and how to manage periods.


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