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Annette brings expertise to Oz
June 15, 2014

Annette Milligan
Queensland Health nurses are sharing in the expertise of leading New Zealand nurse Annette Milligan.

Ms Milligan established her first company,
INP Medical Clinic, in 1989.
It started as one of the first nurse-led primary care practices in New Zealand and has grown into the major provider of sexual health and family planning, with outreach clinics in local secondary schools.
Acting Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer
Dr Padraig O Luanaigh said Annette’s visit to Australia was well timed with Queensland recently rolling out the optimising nursing strategy action plan ‘Strengthening health services through optimising nursing’.
“Here in Queensland we are looking at what changes we can make to ensure nurses are working to their full scope of practice and this is exactly what Annette has done in New Zealand,” he said.
“Ms Milligan’s INP Medical Clinic sees more than 7000 clients per year. The clinic shows that by making changes we can provide better access to care.
“By adapting how we work, we can strengthen the nursing workforce within the public healthcare system.”
Ms Milligan spoke at a nursing seminar during a recent visit to Australia to promote one of her three successful business venture.
“It is vital that every health professional is working to their maximum level of practice and expertise,” she said.
“There is a shortage of health professionals all over the world so it makes economic sense to have everyone working to capacity.
“Queensland health professionals are excited by the changes taking place in their industry. For many people, public private partnerships are a new concept so I am always happy to provide them with real life success stories.
“It’s all about cutting a pathway and finding a new way of doing things.”


Published: 10/06/2014
Source: Queensland Health

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