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Teaching teens about sex
August 6, 2014

An Ebook to help people with intellectual and learning disabilities learn about relationships, health and hygiene has been launched by New Zealand company Health Click.

Designed for use on computer tablets,
like the iPad, the Me EBook uses touch screen technology, pictures, animation and voice-over to explain important and challenging topics such as masturbation, contraception, and inappropriate touching.
It’s aimed at children aged 11 and over, as well as adults.
The managing director of Health Click
Annette Milligan – a registered nurse and District Health board director who has worked in sex and health education for 25 years – says it is a scandal there has not been more support to help intellectually disabled people learn about their bodies and sex.
“People with intellectual disabilities are more vulnerable to sexual abuse and victimisation, often because they haven’t been taught about their bodies, about relationships, or about what is and isn’t appropriate when other people touch them,” she says.
“Many parents and caregivers are very concerned about it.
“When I first started in the sex education field the idea that disabled people should be taught about their bodies, and that they had a right to a sex life when they grow up, was completely taboo.
“Thankfully we have moved on since then, but there is a lot more to do. We have developed the Me EBook and made use of emerging technology to provide crucial education on sex and health education to people with intellectual and learning disabilities.”
Published: August 2014 Volume 23 Issue 3
Source: Link Disability Magazine

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