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Puberty Changes

Puberty Changes CD Rom is an educational resource about the physical and emotional
aspects of puberty for boys and girls growing up. It’s a comprehensive, safe and interactive
CD Rom packed with information about body changes and emotional changes through
the puberty years.


Puberty Changes CD Rom is for young people aged 10 – 14 in primary, intermediate
and secondary schools who are going through, or are about to go through, the immense
changes brought by puberty. Many students find it difficult to believe adults understand
what’s going on in their lives; this is why every voice heard on the CD Rom is someone
the students’ age, which we’ve found through experience with Sex Smart has a huge
impact on young people. It can also be used by parents, for example for home schooling.
Like Sex Smart, it provides particularly valuable peer education for young people who
may be socially isolated, such as students with Asperger’s Syndrome or Austim.
The CD Rom does not introduce students to sexual content that they are not ready for,
which is covered in our companion CD Rom Sex Smart.



Puberty Changes CD Rom comes with
an annual site licence, which means it can
be used on any computer at school or at
home. Students can download the content
and take it home to review at their leisure,
or discuss with their parents.
At school, teachers can use the CD Rom in
lessons with a class set of computers or on
a data projector. As with Sex Smart, we
expect some schools will want to make the
content freely available to students, while
others may want to teach it in class.


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