Health Click produces resources for young people and those with disabilities, and for their parents, educators, therapists and care givers.

Sex Smart

A CD Rom that educates and supports young people helping them to live safer, healthier
and happier lives.


The Sex Smart CD provides education in sexual health, contraception, STIs, relationships
and offers advice on places where young people can go for information that supports
them on their journey in life.


It has been designed for use in secondary schools and in the home to support parents
and their children.


Today many secondary schools and parents in New Zealand use the Sex Smart CD.



Sex Smart is divided into 2 parts:


Sex Smart CD Rom has a large body
of information that allows teachers and
parents versatility in how they chose to
deliver the education. Users can access
small pieces of information quickly or
deliver a full lesson on a specific topic.
Some of the information is the written word,
but much of it is video clips of young
people who give information in a clear and
respectful way. These peer educators speak
clearly and simply and can easily be
understood by young people, including
those with learning disabilities.


Sex Smart Teachers’ Manual has 14 lesson
plans and plenty of resources to support
classroom activity and student learning.
The lessons have been developed in accordance
with the NZ Health and Physical Education
Curriculum guidelines and include the use of
key competencies as an essential part of
learning. Although most lessons are aimed at
Levels 4 to 6 of the NZ Health and Physical
Education Curriculum, the learning outcomes
are just the suggested aims.
Different and more advanced learning outcomes
may be used at the discretion of the teacher.
The Teachers’ Guide has been developed by
teachers for teachers to support every Health
Education teacher in the secondary level.
The student activities are all designed to
be easily printed off in black and white.
The Manual is a component of the CD Rom
and may also be purchased separately as
a hard copy.


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